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i am a cruise line employee and i can tell you first hand that working for steiner is HARD WORK!!! steiner employs most of the lines with their hairstylists, massage therapists..etc! you will have to go to england to train with steiner and then, when there is a position available to you, you will be placed on a ship! you will probably be placed on one of the smallest ships in the fleet so that you can get your feet wet (so to speak!) then you may work your way up to bigger ships depending on your retail/services sales! the managers that you will work for will be fun at the bar, but slave-drivers at is their job...they get fired if their ship doesn't hit $$ targets! so don't take it personally! you will work insane hours (14-16 and sometimes more if you have training or port cleans!) and you will work for minimal amounts of money...if the guests aren't interested in buying your products or having a massage for 200$ then you don't make much at all?! it is a rough life and you don't have much time off...but good sales are incentive to get time off! if you have a half decent manager you should see the beach at least every other cruise! the money can be great and the time off can be abundant...but you need to work your ass off to get there! definitely look into is a great lifestyle...but not many people return as a steiner after their first contract...unless they have made it to a management position!!!

good luck!
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