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Default RE: Final Payment-Sensation 11/26/00

Chris Mitchell wrote:
> Our Family is booked on the Cruisemates Senstion Cruise for
> 11/26/00. The final payment to Carnival was Due on Sept.
> 7th,,, as of today Oct. 2, they still have not tcharged my
> charge card for the balance.... Best Price Cruises says that
> things are in process, it can take a month since we have such a
> large group.(Cruisemates) I don't want to nag but I am
> getting nervous with it 7 weeks away and nothing confirmed for
> the final payment. Any others out there with the same story??
> Chris Mitchell

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one worrying about this! I too am on the November 19th Cruisemates cruise, and my credit card has ALSO not been charged.
However, hearing that others are in the same boat (hahaha) makes me feel much better.
See you onboard.... we hope!
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