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Default RE: Final Payment-Sensation 11/26/00

Best Price Cruises says that things are in process, it can take a month since we have such a large group.(Cruisemates) I don't want to nag but I am getting nervous with it 7 weeks away and nothing confirmed for the final payment. Any others out there with the same story??
Chris Mitchell
> Chris,
> I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one worrying about this! I
> too am on the November 19th Cruisemates cruise, and my credit
> card has ALSO not been charged.
> However, hearing that others are in the same boat (hahaha)
> makes me feel much better.
> See you onboard.... we hope!
> Susan
Well, here we are a week later... and my credit card STILL hasn't been charged.
I'm supposed to be cruising in 38 days, I hope that Best Price Cruises won't let me down.
Susan <~~ who hopes her worrying is completely rediculous
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