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Default RE: A Cruiser's Prayer ~ Thanksgiving Sensation

As for the flights, you can still contact
> the travel agent and do a flight deviation and pick your own
> flights and hopefully get the direct ones if possible. Its
> worth a call and the cost is usually $35.00 per person and well
> worth the money. Good luck and I'm sure you will have a great
> time on the cruise, enjoy!

Thanks for the good wishes Donna.
Actually, when first making these reservations, I did look into a deviation, but it would have been $95 ADDITIONAL (on top of the $35) for each person in order to pick our flights. This was too much. Especially since we are flying in from the west coast, so Carnival is responsible for getting us there sometime the day before anyway.
The only problem is that we may get there too late for the bash... that would be tragic indeed.

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