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You know, life is what it is. Sometimes good things happen, sometimes bad. I'm a very optimistic person. Why so much anger? Isn't it better to have a bad experience on a cruise when most people never get the chance to try it at all? Life could be a whole lot worse!!
We went on our very first cruise last month with Carnival and it was a wonderful experience! From the time we stepped off the plane, Carnival was there waiting and everything went exactly as planned the whole trip. The staff was great to us! I would go again in a heartbeat.
I really believe things are what you make of them. If you have a bad attitude and are a cranky person, life falls right in line with that. So cheer up! Don't look for things to complain about and look at mishaps as adventures! Believe me, I've had some pretty crazy vacations before, but now I look back on them and laugh. So you had a bad experience--LET IT GO!! Life is way too short!
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