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Thanks for the information. Unfortunately we were only able to book into 705 (forward on lowest deck) as all other wheelchair rooms were already booked. We are wait-listed for one on the higher deck. Are you saying that even the wheelchair cabins have no roll in showers? We were told that they did have roll in showers, so if this is not the case we may need to reconsider. I am glad that this room will take 3. It does not indicate this in their brochure or on their website, and this will save us having to book a second room and find a roommate for me. It is much easier for me to be "the attendant" when I stay in the same room with my folks.

We have our own wheelchairs (power and manual) as my mother has not been able to either stand or walk for many years. Our Quickie 2 manual chair has been on over 20 cruises. The policy on the use of ship wheelchairs on HAL is consistent with every cruise line we have ever used. I am continually amazed that people go on a cruise who need a wheelchair and plan to depend on the ship chairs. It is clearly stated in brochures that if you need a chair you need to bring your own. The ship chairs are usually cheap "clunker" chairs that are heavy and often have non-removable armrests and foot pedals, and often are either too big or too small for the person using them. A lightweight folding wheelchair is covered by virtually all insurances in this country...those who need one should get one that is appropriately fit to them and take it with them so they do not have to risk not having one available or having to use one that is too heavy and possibly unsafe.
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