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Linda T.
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Default Re: partically disabled

Your going to have a great time!! I have a handicapped sister that I take on cruises with me sometimes. She has been 3 times in the last 18 months and she loves it. My sister was run over by a car at 17 months old. it killed half her brain and paralized her right arm, she also has to walk with a cane. She is 47 now. even tho she walks fine on land it is a little hard for her to keep her balance on the ship. So I put her in a wheelchair on board. I don't even feel the motion but she does. on Sensation last year I didn't take one with me but on board I found I needed one and the pursers office was great getting one for me to use. I don't know how good your mom can keep her balance so I can't tell you if it will be safe or not to do the stairs. Elevators are everywhere tho so you can use them if you need to. The out side decks can be a little tough so be careful when using those stairs. I've found that the crew members are great with handicapped people. It seems like nomatter what they were doing they would stop and open doors for me or push elevator buttons. But some of the passengers could be a little impatient with us. just be careful and you should be ok. Cruises are a great vacation and I'm so glad that your taking your mom on one. Your about to have the experience of a lifetime. Have fun!! Linda
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