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We were on the Sea Princess for 14 days, back to back cruise in Alaska. The food anmd service was excellent but the ship was not wheel chair friendly. This made it a cruise not worth writing home about. At least twice every day the room stewards carts
made it diffuclt to use a wheel chair in the passageways. The next obstacle was the unusual height of the fire door sills, acting like the bump you encounter on streets to slow down traffic. Finally, for the number of passengers aboard, the elevators are small(supposed to hold 12- i.e. twelve skinny midgets) and the only elevator that services the three dining areas is in the front of the ship. Tough job and time consuming to get on an elevator.The other two elevator banks can best be described as "elevators to no where." We have had four cruises on Carnival Elation and experienced none of the probolems encountered on the Sea Princess.
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