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Hello Hanna

At last, someone I can relate to.
Very sorry to hear of the elevator mishaps. On every cruise I had been on there were always waits at the elevator, which were never that big. However, the Sea Princess was one of the better. I never did much care for restaurant dining and all our meals were either in the Horizon Buffet or the Pizzaria, which were directly above us, only 7 floors up. The elevator was a few paces down the hall from our room which was, by the way, cramped and inaccessible contrary to definition. That door lip into the washroom was a severe hazzard for my girlfriend. If not for the fact it was just a 3 day cruise I would have ordered the pool emptied for my partner to take a bath. As a result she just used the public facilities and towel bathed while watching T.V..
All the same getting around on the ship was the fastest for us as compared to say, the S.S. Norway. True, it was faster on Carnival but they cater to the younger crowd and at least at the beginning of the cruise most take the steps. It is only as the cruise wears on, girths expand, lounging sets in, and hangovers are a daily the stairs less used. The room steward carts were a nuisance but parked close to a widening of the hallway so could be moved to the expanse quickly, either by the steward, if within earshot or myself.
In all, pardoning the inconveniences, it was, as I expected, all I had expected, and less. If not for the bolstering of the ship by others my expectations would not have been dashed. It was, instead, just a normal, everyday FANTASTIC cruise.
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