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Jonathan Rhodes
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Default Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

I am appalled to discover that a favourite trick of certain unscrupulous regular
cruisers is to find the numbers of the accessible cabins on their chosen ship and to book one of those as they are often, as we all know, much larger than standard.This is, to my mind, a despicable practise which stops genuine wheelchair users from booking the accomodation which they need. Doubtless the folk who do this are the same ones who take the disabled spaces in the supermarket car-park without a disabled parking badge!

Those of us who are disabled should lobby the cruise lines to make sure that they only sell accessible cabins to genuine cases - unless, of course they are sold off as a last minute bargain when the line knows that it has no one who needs a disabled cabin on its waiting list.

Time for a wheelchair users' 'Cruiseaid' I think!
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