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Default Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

Great topic! What I don't understand, (as a first time cruser) is why these huge ships have so few handicap rooms? Travel is so limited in the first place for most of us, that it would seem that the cruise lines would enjoy more bookings from those with handicaps if they would incorporate more handicap accessible rooms on their ships. That being said, maybe that is the idea.....if there are no rooms, they don't have to "deal" with our equipment or extra needs? Never having been on a cruise, I don't have much room to talk, but general observation leads me to my conclusions. As for "proving" you're handicapped, that is again another justification that seems so harsh, but necessary I guess. Having to devulge so much of your personal life seems to be the way it goes with us huh? So I guess my feelings are that the ships really need to offer more in the way of handicap access, and not make anyone feel they are being a "burden" for wanting to experience something they may never otherwise have the opportunity. Thanks for sharing you all, and I do hope some one reads these posts from the cruise lines. Bobbi
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