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Default Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

It's too bad that there aren't different KINDS of handicapped rooms. I, persoanally, need assistance in getting around. I have a scooter, and a folding wheelchair. I need a wider door, somewhere to park the scooter, and a shower, rather than a tub. The wheelchair can fold and go up against a wall. I do NOT need a huge room or a shower seat.......or a bathroom big enough for a chair or scooter. Some folks need all of the above, plus low rods in the closet. I can stand, and walk around my room. Some folks just need a handicapped bathroom. Folks with disabilities that do not need to take extra equipment, may need an accessible bathroom, but not a large cabin or a wide door.
It seems that different configurations might be most useful for many people.........but t hen, they build in modules, and the most accessible room would do for any disabled person, but the least of the accessibles would NOT do for those that needed the most help. There must be many of us that need different levels of accommodations.
What do you think?
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