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Vladimir and Elfrieda
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Default Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

Jonathan, you are so right! There has been only one cruise line that asked me to provide a certificate from our doctor that my wife is indeed an amputee and so ok for the HP cabin. That was Princess Line for a cruise almost five years ago. Since, neither Princess asked us again (for the following four cruises), nor Celebrity and RCI
(for one cruise each). It is certainly appalling to see a couple on Grand Princess dancing a la Arthur Murray Studios, prior to the show at the Princess Theatre -
and then on the disembarkation day use a wheelchair to get off sooner and then toboard their flight home at the Ft L air terminal!
On our last cruise on Sun Princess, there were no balconies available for the HP cabins (I believe only four) on Dolphin Deck and only one HP with verandah on the top deck mini suite for an additional $1800.-! Don't you get the feeling that the cruise industry considers our dear HP spouses and/or children as a necessary evil; just think how many times we hear how "others" get moved up to upper deck staterooms for the same price, and wife and I always pay the top $ for the HP cabin, that I have to book almost a year ahead of time.
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