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Default Re: Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

In 2001 my husband and I were given a handicap cabin due to my M.S. and the fact that a wheelchair might be required. When Happy Camper stated that handicap rooms have shower seats in them, I had to laugh. The seat that came with our handicap room was large enough for a person approximately 5'3", 98 lbs. - not old lard butt me. However, I gave it a try and since the shower hoses are not fixed, I was merrily sitting on the "seat" when the power of the water kicked in, knocking me off the seat onto my back with the shower hose (I like to call it a snake) flopping back and forth. Mind you, the floor in the bathroom was now covered in inches of water. No husband around. So I used my feet to pound on the wall which was next to the hallway. No response. I finally was able to use my toes to reach up and turn the water down. Since then, I have paid extra for a cabin with a bathtub/shower combo. It is quite easy to carry a bath seat on a ship, and much safer also. However, RCCL required a doctor's letter with PROOF of my disability before they would assign a handicap room. It seems obvious that other cruise lines do not do that.
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