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Default Re: Re: Re: Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

You guys have some great tips in here! Good to see this thread has not died!

I just wanted to jump over here and post a link to my photo gallery. I have photos of our cruise on the NCL SEA out of Houston.
There are photos of the standard cabins as well as the handicapped cabin.

Go to

Please read my review if you are mobility impaired, as I cover my review of the Sea from that stand point, as I am somewhat limited due to MS.
I do hope this will help some of you to better plan your cruise if you are considering the NCL Sea. There are some issues to look at, but it is a wonderful ship and it is toally "doable".
If you are in the area near the Houston port, in La Porte, then I would recommend the Sea. Cut down on travel times and no flights involved!

The staff was very helpful to us also. Myself and another friend who is totally dependent on a wheelchair both gave it good reviews, and posted our feelings and experiences at message boards. We both focused on mobility impaired reviews for everything from the Ship to the ports of call.

Hope this helps!
If you need to ask me questions please email me! I have trouble keeping up with the many threads and posts!
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