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Default Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

Just call me an exhibitionist. When I see my rehab doc every year or so I type up a very "proper" looking document explaining my quadriplegia, the doubt that it will go away on its own anytime soon, need for accessible rooms and bathrooms and the size of my wheelchair. I then print off a dozen or so and he stamps and signs each. I date them as needed. I use these with my TA, who while she cannot upgrade us often fills our cabin with wonderful treats and coupons. These also work when going to concerts or the last time we were in NYC the circus at Madison Square Garden. At $5 a seat I was not about to argue about degree of my privacy rights. In Washinton DC my poor husband had to sit uncomfortably close to Madonna's speakers while I was doing a true chair dance. It's a trade off.

BTW, is it possible that Costa could have possibly placed their HP cabins in worse places?
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