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Default Re: A Cabin review. Inspiration. E-259

No, I'm not a shore excursion kind of guy. I cruise mainly for the joy of being aboard ships and at sea. And there is a very limited number of excursions that don't list strenuous walking advisories. In fact, the only shore excursion I've ever taken while ashore is one I arranged myself at Grand Cayman last year--a 2 hour sail aboard the replica caravel, La Nina.

At the time I took that trip, I was able to spend more time on my feet with the assistance of canes. This time however, do to a recent bout with debilitating sciatica, I was more wheelchair dependent and did not attempt to load the wheelchair into a tender to go ashore. In fact, I suspect the ship's crew would have probably discouraged such an attempt in the fairly rough harbor waters. So I busied myself aboard the ship and still had a wonderful time, while my wife had a wonderful time ashore spending our money.

That's really all I know about Grand Cayman, except I think negotiating the streets would probably be dangerous for wheelchairs. As I remember, the sidewalks were very narrow and uneven, even for using canes to get around. And the automobile traffic is full of folks in rental cars who are unfamiliar with "keep to the left" driving.

Where you dock at Cozumel depends upon which ship you're aboard. The longer ships--Voyager, etc.--dock at Punta Langosta in the downtown area of the island, or tender in. The smaller ships--Enchantment, Empress, Radiance, etc. use the TMM pier, about 3 miles south of the downtown area. Some of the smaller ships might even use the Punta Maya pier, which is immedately south of the TMM pier. BTW, the "downtown" is actually the town of San Miguel.

At Coz, I have been ashore only as far as the shopping areas at the end of the TMM and Punta Maya piers. So I don't know how chair friendly the town is. I can only tell you the shopping villages at piers are negotiable, if somewhat rough. What appears to be the main shopping building at TMM has a very steep ramp to accommodate wheelchairs. It should be attempted only with the assistance of someone pushing. And whoever pushes better be able to maintain a very straight line because the ramp has no guard rails. Any veering could dump the occupant of the chair onto a rough stairway.

The shopping area at the Punta Maya pier seems quite a bit newer, and more wc friendly. The only rough spots I remember are that the plaza is paved mostly with octagonal flagstone. They're not hard to get over, but it can be a bumpy experience.

The streets and sidewalks beyond those areas may be another matter entirely.
I wish I could give you more information, but that's all I have. I hope it helps.

I am curious, Dee. Is kyriecat short for Kyrie Eleison catholic? As Bernstein said, "I miss the Gloria Tibi..."


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