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Default Re: A Cabin review. Inspiration. E-259


Thanks for the information. I'm sure my mom will have a great time on the ship. I think Mom is more laid back about the things she can't or shouldn't do than I am. I have engineer's mentality - nothing is impossible. We've taken Mom hiking through places no wheelchair should ever go. She still thinks we were trying to dump her off the side of a mountain in Colorado! : ) We need to find her a wheelchair with shock absorbers. My dad is getting close to retirement age so this is their trial run to see if they want to take up cruising for a hobby. I told my mom if Daddy doesn't like cruising, maybe we can get him to take up baseball. Then he and my husband can visit baseball stadiums while Mom and I cruise.

Kyriecat is actually for one of my cats, Valkyrie. I haven't previously heard the term Kyrie Eleison. I had to look it up. "Lord have mercy" in Greek. I'll have to tell my mom that one so she can use it next time I tell her, "Hold tight, I'll drive". : )


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