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Default Re: A Cabin review. Inspiration. E-259

Interesting that you got it from Valkyrie. The Wagnerian Ring Cycle was the first Operas to ever capture my attention. Historic misuse as political doctrine not-withstanding, some of the best symphonic music ever composed. .

And, yes, "Kyrie eleison" is "Lord have mercy" in Greek. It was the only
non-Latin phrase used in the pre-Vatican II Catholic mass worldwide. Ten years after the council that changed the mass to vernacular language, I met a girl in Crete. She was quite surprised when I uttered the phrase, and to learn that any Greek was used at all in the Roman Catholicism. I was the first American catholic she had ever met. She expressed her surprise in flawless English and taught me a few useful phrases of Greek, most of which I subsequently forgot. I still remember Greece, though!


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