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Default Re: Disabled Passenger Court Case

I have used the term "Rube Goldberg" provisions that we have discovered primarily in vessels where the ship owner has removed a bathtub to provide a stall or walk-in type shower. The wife has been able to use a bathroom where there is a stall shower; a stateroom, that is not considered to be a "wheelchair accessible cabin". On one of our cruises on the Holland America "Prinsendam", they replaced the shower head with a shower using flexible piping and a stool. Fortunately the shower had ample safety bars
including bars when using the toilet.

On our March 9 cruise this year the border of the stall shower, in a "wheelchair accessible" stateroom was what I felt was "Rube Goldberg"(a cruise piece of wood) since it did not prevent the bathroom to be flooded. Last year on the Statendam the "wheelchair accessible"had a unreliable drainage arrangement since the shower replaced a bathtub. The bathroom would become flooded and there was a chance of a skip and fall.

What makes all of this interesting is that many of the foreign flagged cruise ships using use ports contend they cannot provide adequate facilities for the disabled since the DOT has never come up with specs. In Europe where the cruise ships do not come to U.S. ports, they have not had a problem providing adequate facilities. One of our problems rests with the fact that the cruise ships when being built install bathtubs with high sides and place a shower in the tub.
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