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Default Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

This is very interesting.
Let me add my opinion.
First, I am disabled and the owner of It is a magazine for disabled people.
Secondly, I like those people that scream names at people who Dont Look disabled. I think it helps put shame to those who are abusing the parking space.
Thirdly, I use a wheelchair and I believe that the disabled cabins are there for the space provided for wheelchairs, scooters, canes, walkers and crutches. If the person's disability is invisible then they don't need the space. If someone like my friend who has MS has good and bad days, she takes her wheelchair and leaves it in the cabin until she needs it. But she asks for a disabled room because of the wheelchair. Not because she has MS but because she has MS that requires a wheelchair.
Some people stated that they like the bars in the showers well ALL bathrooms should have that as a safety precaution on a cruise ship.
That doesn't cost as much as making every room larger.
I think it is absolutely shameful just shameful for anyone ANYONE to ask for a bigger room that is set aside for disabled people who NEED THE SPACE just because they want the space.
Ok I am going to go practice my breathing *in* *out* *in* *out*
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