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Candy Harrington
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Default Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

They don't make all of the staterooms accessible because of the floorspace it would require. To have a truly wheelchair-accessible room you need good pathway access in the room and a full 5 foot turning radius in the bathroom (along with other features that can add to the cost of construction.). So if all the staterooms were truly accessible there would be fewer of them and the cruise lines would not be able to make a profit on the some of the bargain prices they are charging today.

And HIPPA only applies to the portability of health insurance. It has nothing to do with travel or cruise ships.

I also donít condone yelling at people. For one thing, I think itís very childish. Second, like other folks pointed out, you never kno w what issues somebody who has an invisible disability may have. And last but not least, it gives the mainstream (AB) population a bad impression of wc-users. They may think they are *all* like that -- and truly they arenít. It just creates a bad reputation.

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