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Default Re: Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

I wasn't yelling. I was simply saying it would be totally cool if the entire ship were HA. Ok, maybe it isn't practical, but I never said it would be. I was simply making the point that in the fairly near future, there will be such a large number of people require HA rooms, they will end up turning away a fairly decent percentage of their customer base. It's just my opinion. I never once yelled. In fact, I was in a very fun mood when I wrote it. Lighten up! This is just a simple discussion about frustrations people are having with trying to get a room when there are only 4 available on an entire ship that is capable of holding over 1200 people. On a side note, today, I also learned from my TA that the newest ships being made will hold over 4000 passengers. As far as HIPAA is concerned it may be relevent to insurance, but if you are using insurance provided through the cruise line, then it would violate that insurance policy to ask any specific questions about the disability. In other words, you can ask what needs need met, but you can't require a specific diagnosis. According to the 2000 US Census, appx 11% of the current US population has a disability that limits basic physical activity such as walking or can't meet their own basic needs. Now, compounding that with the fact that population of those over 65 went up 12% since 1990, and considering this trend will likely continue, then it's just a matter of time before the need for more rooms with HA be available. In a dream world the entire cruise ship will meet everyone's needs withour requiring specific details about one's specific needs. If a cruise line's goal is to do nothing but make money, then there WILL come a time when offering discounted rates won't provide them the monies needed to maintain the sheer size of ships that are out there. Perhaps, just perhaps, it would be a benefit to offer things to those who are willing to pay a little extra just to not have to deal with a million stupid frustrations. I'm not a business guru, and I certainly don't have enough money to start my own cruise line, but I was simply bringing forth the obvious issues that will be coming forth in the near future. And, again, I'm not yelling.... never have. Cheer up! It's cruising we're all interested in. All we're trying to do is make it a better experience than it already is! :0)
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