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Candy Harrington
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Default Re: Re: Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins

First off, when I said I don't condone yelling I was responding to Natasha's remark:

She said,
"Secondly, I like those people that scream names at people who Donít Look disabled"

I felt this was childish. I was not responding to anything you said jennincincy .

Second, I do think this is a fun topic (travel) after all it is my life. I don't believe I need to "cheer up". I'm cheery enough, thank you. Ask anyone.

Third, I still don't think HIPPA applies to any type of travel or trip interruption insurance. Remember, some trip interruption insurance does exclude pre-existing conditions. The cruise lines do not offer the travel insurance -- it is offered by other companies.

And yes, I'm very much aware of all the statistics and the projections. Slow walkers (not necessarily wheelchair-users) are currently the largest segment of the disabled population (according to the US census) and are expected to increase with the aging of baby boomers.

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