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I requested "no booth and no stairs" on the Carnival ship we did with my father in law because i didn't think he could sit there or go up and down stairs and when we first went to dinner they had assigned us a very nice table right by the doors you walk in on the bottom level no stairs. Just request ahead of time and it should be fine. are you going with them - it really seemed to help that we were there and taking care of things for him. The cabins teward was so nice and didnt' take her 3 minutes to locate and bring dad a shower stool for the shower. One thing keep in mind is the small showers on lots of cruises - that is one reason I chose Carnival. Another reason I chose Carnival is because the halls are wider and when you are overweight that is something you really notice when someone has to squeeze by you. Everyone on board including the staff were so nice to my dad - it made him really like cruising. The staff would offer to get him things in the alternate dining and even carry his tray if we weren't. They couldn't have been better. We did the ELation out of Galveston. Do get a newer ship as some of the older ones just are not equiped for the handicap as well as the newer ones. In newer I mean 1990 and up. The 1980 ships I'm not too sure about. Debbie
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