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Default Re: Re: Americans With Disability Act

I just read the 'Net report of the Supreme Court decision on Disabled Cruisers. We are not disabled. We have cruise extensively on several cruise but mainly on Princess ships.
We have seen people with canes, with walkers, in wheel chairs (manual and electric) and electric scooters. All seemed to get around to all the areas of the ships. I dont know about extra cost for special cabins, most of the ships we sail on were built before any regulations on access. All ships have elevators and most passengers agreeably make room for those who need a ride, when stairs are oout of the question.
But we have seen crew members carry persons and their wheel chairs down the outside gangways into tenders-without charge.
On one cruise to Antarctica a woman wanted to see the shore up closer than the ship. They carried her down to the Zodiac and when we all got off to wade ashore, she stayed on for a personal tour along the coastline.
There probably ships, staff and situations that dont permit the handicapped to every location on every ship. But is it possible that this ruling will mean unreasonable demands for modifications, even where structure safety is not involved?
Here in the states we have reserved handicap parking at ice rinks........
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