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Candy Harrington
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Default Re: Re: Re: Americans With Disability Act

Not at all Harry. In fact Justice Kennedy specified in his ruling, "Title III does not require structural modifications that conflict with international legal obligations or pose any real threat to the safety of the crew or passengers. "

He also added, "It may well follow that Title III does not require any permanent and significant structural modifications that interfere with cruise ships internal affairs."

The specifics will be decided by the district court, but since this is the court which originally held that the ADA does not apply to foreign-flagged cruise ships, I don't think it will give a wide berth.

I also have to add, that I think for the most part cruise ships that call on US ports are market driven and they do offer <many> accessible options. Until this date they haven't even been required to offer accessible rooms -- but they do. And some have pools and spas with lifts. In fact some ships are more accessible than "land resorts".

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