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Default Re: Americans With Disability Act

People like Harry are a big part of the problem. They think that people with disabilities get all sorts of perks and it is great to be disabled because of them. They cannot and do not appreciate all the things that people with major disabilities give up every day because of lack of access....both attitudinal and physical.

Yes, I hope your ice rink has accessible parking. Not only is it the law, but where do you expect the wheelchair user who plays sledge hockey there with their team every week to park?

His comments show a lack of empathy and imagination. Think about yourself...if you were disabled tomorrow (it could happen) or a loved one was, wouldn't you still want to "cruise extensively"?? Wouldn't you want to sit where ever you want in the showroom on the cruise ship, instead of in the wheelchair Jim Crow seats in the back of the theater with the worst view? Wouldn't you like to be able to go ashore without the indignity of being hauled manually like a sack of potatoes? Wouldn't you like to be able to get a cabin in what ever catagory you choose, instead of only in the most or least desirable?

Princess is one of the prime offenders in this area. They don't have pool lifts, or if they do, they are broken or "not available". They have no special services desk, and poor training of their staff on disability awareness. They offer no information about which of their tours can provide wheelchair accessible transportation, even in ports where it is required (ie, Alaska and Hawaii as well as the mainland). If you think Princess bends over backwards for people with disabilities, you are sadly mistaken, and need to walk in the shoes of someone with a major disability, and be a little less selfish.
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