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Default Re: Americans With Disability Act

The Supreme Court decision for Spector v. Norwegian Cruise Line Limited is 25 pages long and I understand the same written decision via Adobe Acrobat is 46 pages long.
Due my poor eye sight, for which I apoligize , I have gotten as far as page 12 and I think there are too many repetitive paragraps going over the same point.

So far I have determined the Supreme Court has issued a report filled with loopholes that benefit any defendant cruise line. The most important piece of informtion is that foreign flagged cruise lines tthat use U.S. ports for embarking and disembarking U.S. citizens, and who ply in U.S. territorial waters can no longer plead that they are no subject to ADA Title III. The Supreme Court, so far in my readings, has held that for foreign flagged ship plyng in International waters are not subject to ADA. Another loopholed that has prevailed since 1993 is that the DOT has yet to come up with specifications as to the constructiion of a wheelchair accessible stateroom and the rest of the ship.

After the wife was disabled in 2001 we cruised on a Princess ship, where each morning and early evening the passage ways were clogged with large room steward carts. The space between the wall and the carts was too small to pass with a wheelchair and I suppose to complain about this would be out of order since to relocate the carts would interfere with the internal affairs of the ship(another loop hole).

I learned a new word from the court decision. "Coaming",these are those floor saddles that are difficultt to roll over in a wheelchairs. Anyway, based on four years pushing ny better half I have concluded that those wheelchair staterooms are usually the poorest location on the ship Either they are in the foremost front part of the ship or aft requiring long distances to the dining facilities dependent on the ship. On the HAL "Statendam" class ships, two cabins are directly under the galley, proividing little sleep at night or early morning for the disabled occupants. IIt seems thaat the shower drains aare so poor that the bathroom is flooded.
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