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Default Americans with Disabilities Act

Dear Harry,

I cannot blame you for your ignorance. I can only pray that someday soon you have to live even for a short time in wheelchair like I do. I believe you would then see that your ignorance of a worldwide problem only serves to fuel more ignorance.

Handicapped parking spaces are Federal Law. There is a complete set of rules and regulations that ALL businesses in the U.S. must comply with. It's called the Americans with Disabilities Act and there are three sections to it. Public Law 101-336 is the full text of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title II contains all Regulations for State and Local Governments and Title III contains all Regulations pertaining to Places of Public Accommodation. Title III also includes Appendix A to Part 36 - Standards for Accessible Design. Take some time and read them someday ....... and help stop this vicious cycle of ignorance. They are all available at :

Your comment about parking spaces at an ice rink is about as ignorant as they come. I suppose you think a double-amputee can't ice skate, right? Open your eyes Harry, it's amazing what you'll see.



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