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Default Re: Re: Stop ABs booking disabled cabins


You must tell me how you were able to keep your scooter in the hallway and run the extention cord in to charge it. I was just on the phone to RCL because I had hoped to book a cruise on Monarch of the Sea for a Jan. 06 sailing. Not only were BOTH (yes there are only 2 HP cabins on the entire ship) I was told that it was against the law to allow me leave the scooter in the hall.

The representative told me the scooter had to be in the room with us and that there were no cabins big enough for 2 people, our luggage and the scooter. He also indicated it might not even be possible to lift the scooter over the bottom of the doorjam or that the door would be wide enough to allow us to bring the scooter in the cabin.

Needless to say I was very upset by this turn of events. I could try and go without my scooter but on my good days I can only stand or walk for 3-7 minutes. I can't even stand long enough to take a shower. I'd hate to spend all that money (I'm on a fixed income) and end up spending my cruise locked up in my cabin....alone.

Another subject I haven't seen discussed before is the accessability of things like the swimming pools. All the photos I have seen of the pools they have only ladders to get in and out of the pools. Do they have stairs with handrails? Lifts???

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