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Default Re: Cabin # 6207 on Carnival Valor

I don't have any personal experience on the Valor but here's a physics lesson for 'ya : )

The motion on the ship changes with the deck level and not with the fore-aft position. The higher the deck the more you will feel the listing. Picture a "V". This is the shape of the ship. The higher decks will move a farther distance as the boat rocks on the apex so you will feel it more. Of course the ship has all types of stabilizers and you probably won't feel much of anything unless you hit some really rough seas. Being further foreward or aft on the ship at the same level will make no difference to the motion feel.

As far as Noise goes, the lower the deck the more you will hear noise and feel vibrations. The Azipods (steering motors) and Anchor motors are on the lowest decks of the ship so the noise and vibration typically come from them and also from the water treatment system and generators inside the hull.

Hope that helps!



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