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Default Re: Read our Editorial on Cruise Ship Entertainment

Paul, First my perspective, 12 cruises in 8 years, 4 Celebrity, 3 Carnival, 2 Princess,
2 Norwegian 1 Windjammer. We are mid 50's and we do in fact enjoy main showroom entertainment most of the time.
I look forward to drinking my last cup of coffee at second seating and slowly making my way to main show lounge for a good show. The lights , smoke and "mirrors" of a Las Vegas type review often cover up for mediocre talent. Frankly I'sd rather see less but get more. By this I mean I would rather hear the two (out of 4 ) singers who are truly good
sing more and change costumes less. I don't need all the noise and fast paced changes to be entertained.
I find that most ship's bands (the big one) are usually quite good and would be happy to hear more of them. I'd be happier to listen to a big band style concert with a good male and female singer . Save the sequens ,the dancers too short to make it in Las Vegas along with the laser lights and smoke machines. .
I have never seen an entertaining passenger talent show (although one act may be good, most are not). Leave the jugglers to Barnum and Bailey. Leave the majicians to do childrens parties. We like a good singer who can do a full set and a good comedian as well. As for the comedians, the cruise ship toilet flushing jokes are not funny once you have heard them 10 times.
What I walk out on are over the hill entertainers who let you know by their attitude that they used to be somebody. Leave them to perform in the Catskills I'd rather sit through the high energy of a talented young performer eager to perform.
I love to listen to a nice late night performance and also to some pre dinner music
from a talented musician, duo, trio etc, whether classical, jazz or contemporary but sometimes find it dificult to find the better entertainment in a non smoking venue.
One last thought. I love a good ships band (poolside) that doubles in the disco
for some contemporary or Rock. Have heard 4 good ones on 4 different Celebrity cruises. All 4 came fromSt Lucia. However, I do not like a pool band playing at Mega Decibles while I try to relax at the pool. Some ships pool areas (Summit for example) are big enough for this type entertainment some (Legend for example) have too confined a pool space for the BIG noise often heard poolside.
I hope my thoughts are what you were looking for.
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