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Default Las Vegas-style production shows

"Las Vegas-style production shows"

This is the new "catch-phrase" on cruise ships. I rarely heard ships refer to Las Vegas as their model in the past, it used to be Broadway. But on my last cruise even my Indonesian waiter who has never been to Las Vegas asked us if we were going to the "Las Vegas-style production show" after dinner.

Anyway, one thread in this message board has been that one thing lacking in these shows seems to be genuine talent. They spend a lot on glitter -- lights, video, sets, lasers, etc. They also pay the producers a lot to write and score the shows. But they always want to skimp on the talent.

Here are some comments:

"Instead of spending millions on fancy special effects they should spend the money to hire top-notch writers to create an original show, and top-notch performers to bring it to life. Honestly, I think people would book a cruise on that line just to see such a show."

"The lights , smoke and "mirrors" of a Las Vegas type review often cover up for mediocre talent. Frankly I'sd rather see less but get more. By this I mean I would rather hear the two (out of 4 ) singers who are truly good."

There are people out there who do like the shows, however:

" We took our first cruise last week on the Carnival Celebration. This is all I can relate my expierence to. I completely enjoyed the shows. Never missed one. I thought the dancers and singers were superb. "

" Over the past 5 years we have sailed Carnival, NCL and Celebrity. We generally go to the shows. The absolute best was Christopher Alan Graves on Carnival. "

[note: Graves is in the show "Wonderful World" on Triumph which I cite as the best show I have seen in my article.

One thing that stands out is that Carnival seems to get the highest marks for entertainment, though Royal Caribbean definitely deserves a mention. Among the luxury lines, Crystal gets the honors. They have bigger casts than the other lux ships, and they also just added all kinds of new ideas to onboard activities - more lectures, computer classes, dance classes, educational activities for children. I think these are all excellent ideas.

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