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Default Re: Re: Read our Editorial on Cruise Ship Entertainment

I am responding NOW. Thank you so much for contributing to my topic.

What a typical catch -22. Only one original song per set, but we don't want you to appear to be a copy of anyone else... duh?

The problem is though, that the cruise lines feel they must appeal to the LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR! So, if some of the people do not the original artist then no one should be hearing them.

I agree with you, there has GOT to be a sweet spot wher original talent and cruise lines can meet. Or at least authentic talent.

I would like to see some blues acts, for example. Or how about a hot jazz band from New Orleans?

I htink we have a common thread here, that the cruise lines shoulkd get away from doing vaudeville (jugglers, magicians, tap dancers) and get more original and talented people. But enough of the kids from the amusement parks, already!

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