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Default Re: Re: Read our Editorial on Cruise Ship Entertainment many opinions. Personally I enjoyed the article since it hit most points right on the head.
Its important for people to realize that during those nights at sea, people want to be entertained. Otherwise, it becomes a long night of wandering around for the ump-teenth time. There definitely needs to be more diversity in the entertainment provided. Someone mentioned the young street dance performers in subway stations. As a New Yorker, I constantly see these performers in the streets or subway stations as well as a variety of other performers, all ages, all talents...and let me tell you...its definitely refreshing to see different acts with such creativity. From acrobatic hip hop dancing to violin performers to jazz/blues bands, etc,'s the raw & creative talent that impresses me about these performers w/out all the glitzy choreography and costumes. And I think its something that could appeal to all age groups. "STOMP" is a performance I really enjoyed & I think it was a concept based on street performances. Some people like the "cheesy" (as someone mentioned) Vegas shows & it doesnt have to be completely eliminated but at least either improved or shortened to give room for other different performances. Its something to consider and hope the cruiselines seriously consider cruisers input.
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