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Much of the entertainment on a cruise ship is either boring--such as the all-Frank Sinatra evening 3 times during a 10 day cruise or the four letter word or drunken "comic" --or NOISE as in the "ROCK MUSIC FOR THE DEAF" which passes as the main show or two or three.
Very few of the passengers I have sailed with have been deaf or 15 years old; this is the age that would really like to hear and feel the shipshaking explosions through their walkman or discman earmuffs.
Boomers like Neil Diamond, Barry Manilow, the Moody Blues, and lots of the newer voices like Celine Dion. There's a world of country music and string trios, of comic/ventroliquists with dummies, and all kinds of lecturers, comedians who use multi-sylable words, and even people who can teach us nuitrition, a gourmet dish or show us how our dinners are prepared.
If I ever find a line that offers this and doesn't give me ptomaine, going anywhere near where I would like to go, I will find a way to cruise with them. I will vote with my money.
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