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I am not asking for the big name singers and actor's, although that would be nice.
I only want to ask that the lines offer variety. No I would not like to see the bare breasts of the "real Las Vegas" revue but if some ship finds that they can do a show like that at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning for the 35 year olds who are still unmarried and childless that is fine.

What galls me is that the entertainment is more closely geared to people who aren't paying for the cruise--passengers who have died, workers and entertainers on the ship who pick the music for their tastes, and people who wouldn't come on a cruise anyway.

I can truly say that I have everything that the models and showgirls have but lots more of it and surprisingly, my husband still thinks that I am fun. He is my hero and we have still got the time and love to go together. We are parents and grandparents and don't want to be nauseated by "entertainment" that should be an option for those who want that stuff-- for people who have nothing to do when they go to their cabin.

Mama Mia would be great, or a Josh Groban tribute or a "Pirates of the Caribbean" musical--humor and romance--or just clever, clean humor that everyone can have fun with. "Adult" shows for the guests who want it could be a late night option or better yet an added cost option. If "blue" comedy or "R" or "X" rated shows were at an added cost the cruise lines would be able to find out how many passengers realy wnat to pay to cruise and also to be really "entertained" in this way.

It would avoid wasting the time of the many people who don't want to leave the cruise DEAF or grossed out by the waste of their time and money.
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