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Default Re: Read our Editorial on Cruise Ship Entertainment

Greetings all

My wife and I generally travel to a country of choice and spend up to a month exploring on our own. We have also taken three cruises in the past - Celebrity, Princess, and river boat on the Nile River in Egypt that was a last minute bargain. Next month we are taking a week cruise on the Grand Princess before leaving for a two week trip to Spain.
EIther my wife and I do not cruise as often as others, or we are not hard to please. I view the entertainment as an "extra". I understand that the cruise lines are under pressure to present "safe" shows and entertainment that will appeal to the greatest number of passengers. A "salute" to Broadway usually will contain one or more musical numbers that will appeal to just about everyone in the audience. I understand why cruise companies tend to be conservative when deciding what types of shows to present After all - one's cruise line doesn't stand out too much one way or another if it presents the same type of entertainment as do all the other lines. I figure I am getting such a great bargain for the price of my cruise that I will not be too upset if the musical production is not to my exact liking.
I understand the Grand Princess has more than one production each evening to accommodate different tastes. Perhaps this is the future - smaller halls with a variety of performances for all tastes will resolve this problem.
Personally I would like to see a full length musical. I am sure there are some timeless classics that would appeal to most tastes. Who could complain about Oklahoma or Carousel?

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