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Default Re: Las Vegas-style production shows

I totally agree.If they really want a good show, they should also hire the best. Even if it's only two people on stage if they are good, I think they be enough to satisfy the eyes of the audience and to wow them. But for some reason they always think that the more people onstage the better.They also keep announcing all the big shows on th P.A system over and over again and when people watches them they only get dissapointed because it's not what they are expecting. And they should also think of something else to show the cruisers. I am a singer on one of the big company cruise line and all there shows are so much alike. We have to learn the same songs just like what we play on the last ship. I mean if people cruises from ship to ship under the same company, they don't wanna see the same shows over and over again. I think that every single ship under the same company should have different shows. Otherwise there is no difference on the etertainment from the last ship they were on. There is no point of watching it.It's the same anyway.
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