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Default Re: Read our Editorial on Cruise Ship Entertainment

What a fascinating discussion. We are fairly sophisted theatre/musical theatre attendees.It is our passion besides travel. First, we really enjoy GOOD entertainment on cruise ships and the best we found was on the NCL Sky with at the time Hey, Mr Producer, the Jean Ryan version of Cirque de Soleil and gospel/blues singer Jane L. Powell. If truth be known...that was the reason we took that particularcruise This was on a transitional cruise for two weeks and it was heaven. Recently we were on an RCI tran-atlantic cruise and we were shocked at the poor "production", costumes that looked like leftover drapery material and wigs that wouldn't pass inspection on Halloween. Our one time "cruise to nowhere" on a Carnival we found spectacular entertainment. That said..we were on the Sea last year and with the exception of one unknown woman singer/dancer did not see one show or entertainer worthy of watching. If entertainment is low on the list why has Celebrity entered into a contract with the Cirque de Soleil. It appears on the smaller ships NCL has cut down on Jean Ryan productions and that saddens me. Since we prefer smaller ships we only hope that in the cocktail lounges we can find entertainment that we would enjoy listening to. There was at one time Robert and Mandy France who we "followed" and would sit in the lounge and listen to all night. Often time now we hear piano players who should be back in music school or we would just as soon just pass on. Would I pay extra...I doubt it. I don't want to see another version of "hello Hollywood" or "Cats"...but we discovered within the Jean Ryan version of Cirque a young singer, Steve Washington...who ended up doing a cabaret show and being included with Jane L Powell who sang and danced...and wherever he is I hope his career has climbed. We were on the old Seabreeze before it was seized and we rushed to the "shows" to hear a wonderful English comedian.. a writer for Benny Hill. Would I want to see a famous couple reading "Love Letters"...absolutely, but I would not go to see a washed out tv star... Quality entertainment is important to us.
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