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Default Cruise Lines Don't Get It!

The whole concept of entertainment needs revision IMHO. The most irritating mistake cruise lines make is the loud music played poolside and in lounges all day long. The music is too often of the "party-Caribbean of urban R&B type. Would it be too much to have something soft like classy jazz or maybee NO MUSIC played poolside! We once tried to enjoy sailing into a stunning sunset in a Viking Crown Lounge with blaring rap! Very inappropriate to the situation. Mentioning this to the CR fell on deaf ears. He didn't see the problem.

Cruise directors on social staff should once again be recruited for social skills and finnese. These days, CR"s seem nothing more than MC"s to "remind" us of all the revenue outlets on-board. Social staff "conduct" activities with their cheerleader rah-rahish style. These young people seem to have difficulty relating to anyone over 30. I remember when not too long ago when staff were true hosts.

And one last thought: Art auctions are nothing more than a thinly veiled gimmick, not a true "activity", and should be made illegal....!
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