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Default Re: Cruise Lines Don't Get It!

Okay..y ou just found out my "dirty secret".. we love art auctions on cruise first of all they are a great learning experience and a great diversion for those of us who don't gamble and at least I can look at a souvenier of our cruise.It's true..we are addicted...we have seriographs, prints up and down our hall, in the bedroom, in the bathroom and a few still waiting to be framed. Before Park West took over the "auctions" pieces were definetely more reasonable. Recently we went to an art sale on land and I was amazed at our knowledge in purchasing a piece we couldn't resist, granted there was no "premium" or other extra charges. We received a sports memorabilia magazine and there was a baseball cartoon we had seen on the ship and it ws $$ more in the catalog. In all seriousness, the first piece we bought has risen in price incredibly..the artist no longer works in the US, then we started looking for prints with a parrot theme.. Of course the ships make $$, but it's a fun way to spend an afternoon at sea...of course it's more $$ than a t-shirt.
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