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Default Re: Re: Read our Editorial on Cruise Ship Entertainment

I am a professional entertainer now 25 years..i think the solution for having "good entertainment "anywhere is simple.
You have to "Pay" for it.
Cruise ship's pay small in comparrison to what is required of the act.
Plus the entertainer has ship duties??

An entertainer has to make more then $500 a week! Come-On!

One show at a club on land can pay $1800 to $5000 a night!!
After the act pays manager and agent fee's in addition to travel cost and other expence's,such as equipment repair or maintanence ,the band pays itself.Generally each member is earning on average $200 to $350 each per night.Thats equal to $50 - $80 per hour times 4 hous per show per night.In fact in most place's even those wages are considered scale wage's by the (A.F.M ) American Federation of Musicians Union.
So why would someone want to entertain on a cruise ship for much less.??
Pay a professional what professional's earn and guest on cruise lines will not only get there monies worth but the cruise line makes out too,when the guest returns-and-with friend's.
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