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Default Re: Read our Editorial on Cruise Ship Entertainment

just got off the Carnival Triumph. entertainment okay.

the highlights:

* Caruso and somebody - magicians. really good stuff. they are performing at a Miami hotel on the weekends, did the ship one night (how do they get them on and off?). anyway, they were great.

* standard dancer review in a tribute to the American century. miserable. 10 minutes of 1930's stuff and a speakeasy, one short song from 1940 (hmmm... no singing that decade I guess, we were at war).

* a fairly funny comic one night.

my biggest complaint was the costumes and language. NOT FOR A FAMILY. the dancers appeared in a thong - with nothing left to the imagination. the carnival dancers did the obligatory "magic girl" and they were dressed like strippers. very inappropriate.

I realize that there are more than families on these boats but at a 7:30 p.m. show?

I wonder why they don't actually do live theater on the boats. how about actually doing a PLAY one night - "Our Town" or something. that would be awesome!

and while there is probably room for "adult" stuff there needs to be room for me to take my family to the show w/o embarassment in the early evening.

what about paying extra? NO way. a cruise is supposed to be one price gets it all. not paying extra for entertainment. EXPECT it with the cruise.
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