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carla de kelaita lombardo
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Default Re: Re: Re: Las Vegas-style production shows

Dear Captain Motter,
your observations are
very interesting.
I have in my hands the right solutions
for the entertainment on the ships.
I am the daughter of the late composer
Carlo Lombardo.My father in connection
with other great name in the music
theater field,composed many operettas
and musicals well known and playd all
over Italy and Europe,with great success. My father composed his work,starting around the 1920,up to
the late fifty .
My father has been defined by the expert: "precursore dei tempi",meaning
that his work so fresh and bubbly was also meant for future times.
......And so happen to be really true!
His operettas receive allways standing
I am sure that selections of his work will be just the ideal for your audience.
I will inform the main office in Milano
Italy ,to be promptly in touch with you
to have all the indications regarding how to proceede.
P.S. The artist that we'll propose
are all first class.

Thank you for your time,and please accept all the best wishes!
9201 madison ave # 193

telefax 987 9210


Casa Musicale Lombardo
via mascagni 9
20122 milano,italia
e mail:

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