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Ken Jones
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Default Re: Cruise Lines Don't Get It!

I kind of agree with the "art auction" complaint, however we have attended a time or two just for the laughs, and entertainment value. Unfortunately, we "won" one of the art items, but had to pay for shipping and handling. I think the cost of the s and h was probably more than the art was worth, but as someone else stated, it beats a t-shirt.
As far as the loud loud music around the pool goes, that's exactly why we like the big Princess ships (Grand, Golden, and Caribbean). We enjoy the ALL ADULT pool area on the stern of the ship where there is almost never any problem getting a lounge, and there is very nice music coming from the speakers. (Also very close to the buffet!!!)
My wife & I sailed on one of the Carnival ships a few years ago, and the very first thing we noticed was very, very loud X-rated rap music being played by one of the bartenders on the open deck. We complained to the staff because there were lots of kids around, but it continued for several hours. (I guess we should consider the source (Carnival))
In any case, a bad cruise beats a good day at the office.
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