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Default Re: Read our Editorial on Cruise Ship Entertainment

Joanie, I couldn't agree with you more about the singers being screamers.

This is not exactly on par with this topic, but one of my biggest gripes with the Broadway shows is the sheer excessive volume that the singers (or possibly the person controlling the sound mixing) think we need to hear the show at.

I am only 35, and I like my Rock-N-Roll as loud as the next person, but a Broadway show is not designed to be yelled at 110+ decibles. There is a point to where this is beyond annoying; it gets downright painful to my ears.

I could maybe understand if their intention was to make sure that everyone in the theater could have a chance to hear the production clearly; but the last 12 cruises that I have been on have had fantastic sound systems with quality speakers that produce crystal clear reproductions of the singers' voices. On top of the clearity of the sound, they also have an abundance of these speakers throughout the entire theater. There is nowhere in the theater that is not a great seat sound-wise.

With all of this Hi-Fidelity audio equipment that the cruise lines must have paid top dollar for, there is no reason to induce my eardrums to give torrents of blood (a bit over-dramitic I know, but I think you get the point) for their shows to be a success.

If anyone else has a similar view, I would like to hear it. Maybe if enough passengers feel the same way, they might turn the volume down to more enjoyable levels.

George S.
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