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Default Re: Re: Read our Editorial on Cruise Ship Entertainment

"I was on only one Costa Atlantica cruise, but overall the entertainment was superb. I wonder if it's the Italian tradition with the opera? They had a really memorable "revue" which was a history of Italy; they also had a very fine operatic tenor."

I saw that show, too. I liked it a lot just because it was an italian version of a regular cruise show. Just funny to see, especially the way they glamorized everything Italian. When the Vespas came on stage I had to laugh.

Anyway - great remarks here, especially about the talent. I agree it is a great way to see the world, and frankly it is great that performers have ANY places to work these days. Remember, for every working performer there are 99 looking for jobs.

Even the band musicians - where is a professional trombone player going to get work in any city except LA, NY or Vegas? Thank goodness for cruise ships.

What I don't like is getting the 20 year-old blond cheerleader types to try to sing like Shirley Bassey or Nat King Cole - ain't gonna work. I would rather see an authentic performer, not a "reasonable facsimile thereof" doing anything. When the performer believes in what they are doing, that is half the show.

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