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Default Re: Read our Editorial on Cruise Ship Entertainment

I have to admit I am one of the few respondents of this question who cruises because of the big shows. I like those shows with the house band, dancers and singers. I think the band is what makes it for me. I am in my thirties and live near NYC but the cost of travel to a show and the ticket itself keeps me home. I hope the cruiselines don't get rid of the live band shows. I have taken Carnival many times because I like the big shows and I like seeing the dancers selling the bingo tickets. I like to hear the British accents and they are always courteous. I am trying RCCL for the first time and feeling aprehensive because I am used to Carnival. I hope they have the same type shows.
I don't like the piano bars becaue they make me want to go to sleep.
I saw the same singer twice on Carnival and he was also a CD on a four day I took. I think he is good but I can't remember his name. (He's a stocky guy with a goatee) He was on different ships out of NYC a couple times. Anyway, its nice to see a familiar face
Having the big names wouldn't apeal to me. I work with a music program and I don't want to see those people who are "above" others. I want the singers and dancers who are still unpretentious.
I have taken 9 cruises and have my tenth planned.
I also don't base my cruise on food. I watch what I eat and workout alot. The early mornings on deck with a yogurt and grapefruit does it for me.
Oh yeah! I also hope I can plan my next cruise based on where John Heald is and that he will be somewhere in 2007. Unless, that is, RCCL wins me over in 2006.
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